About Tidy Yard

I will pick up your dog's droppings on a regular schedule so that your yard never becomes just a bathroom for your pet(s). I am a dog owner, so I am aware that it is easy to get used to watching for landmines in the yard. To help eliminate this situation, I offer regular (1-3 visits per week) maintenance or reclamation from heavily soiled lawns. I can schedule a visit before an event or occasion to ensure a clean slate for your get-together. You can choose to have me either remove your pet's waste, or place it in your own trashcan. There is a $10 charge per month for disposal at my expense. My mission is to offer simple, reliable service that will improve pet-owner relationships and create a more attractive environment for both. Please consider taking advantage of my other services as well.

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Prices for lawns up to one-half (1/2) acre are as follows:

1-2 dogs:

3-4 dogs:

Note: Above prices are for disposal in your trashcan. I will gladly dispose of the waste for an additional $10 per month.

More dogs or more/fewer visits are quoted on an individual basis. The above charges should give you an idea of what to expect, and I will happily quote special requirements as needed. For heavily soiled lawn cleanup, I charge $25 an hour ($25 minimum plus $10 disposal fee if applicable). Most lawns can be done in under an hour. Restoring a very soiled lawn is a process, but with care and attention even distressed lawns can be made attractive again.

I know that each home may have special requirements and situations, so please be sure to let me know how my visits can most benefit you. I will gladly take the time to refill water and food dishes while I am there at no additional charge.

I am not much of a climber, so be sure that the necessary gates and access points are unlocked for my visits.

I make necessary notes at each visit, and will leave a tag at a designated location so that you will know that I have come by.

Aggressive dogs should be restrained while I am cleaning. It is very natural for a pet to protect his or her property from strangers. I am comfortable working with your dog in the yard, but until we become familiar with each other, there may be a period in which your best friend might not appreciate my presence. I bring Science Diet treats to help with our connection. If I am unable to do the scheduled cleanup due to dog/Tidy-Yard relations, you will not be charged for my visit. I will either skip the visit or reschedule - it is entirely up to you.

I appreciate having an emergency contact phone number on file so that unusual or alarming situations can be conveyed to you immediately. If your dog/s appears to be in serious distress, I will contact you immediately. Your pet’s safety and health are my primary concern.

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Other services:

Lawn mowing is priced on a case by case basis. Please contact me for a quote.

Note: There is a $25 minimum for lawn care.

Fall leaf collection is priced individually. I can do a complete removal (including flower beds, ivy areas, under decks, etc.) or I can simply clear your grassy areas. Bagging and securing the leaves can be time consuming, so if you have an area that is mulch friendly, I can make leaf piles for you.

Light rubbish removal: Special cleanup and removal are priced individually. A transfer station fee may be applicable (usually $25).

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Payment: At present I accept checks, cash and money orders. Payment can be mailed to me or left at a designated location (Never leave or mail cash). There is no charge until services have been rendered, so I collect your dog’s droppings for the first month before you are billed. If you are satisfied with the service at that point, you may choose to have a regularly scheduled debit set up. This is only offered to you as a convenience.

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Miscellaneous Information:

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Charities Tidy Yard Contributes To:

Tidy-Yard donates a percentage of all receipts to the following charity:

North Shore Animal League of America (animalleague.org)

This is the world’s largest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. In an attempt to make the world a better place, I give part of every dollar I earn to charities. The above charity is the current recipient, but as disasters arise and situations change I will change the charity as I deem necessary.

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Contact Logan Doughty:

email: logandoughty@aol.com

phone: (540) 580-7409